Unbreakable tights

The strongest tights in the world


Uniko™ is the best solution to stop buying 25 tights a year.

UNIKO™ | Unbreakable tights
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 Say goodbye to spun tights, keep them for more than an evening! 

Our secret? A new technology, developed by our researchers.

With elastic fibers, high quality seams and extreme comfort. The Uniko™ tights are much more resistant and comfortable.

Unbreakable: Test by yourself and share the same opinion as our customers, Uniko tights stand up to all the trials and tribulations of your day to day life.

Unbeatable comfort: Uniko is not just unbreakable tights but also, tights with an unbeatable comfort.

Zero waste: An eco-friendly alternative to existing disposable tights, our tights are designed to last for years.

Refreshing and anti-friction fibers: The fibers of our tights have been designed to be anti-perspirant and to avoid thigh rubbing.

UNIKO™ is essential to your wardrobe for a daily usage


- Tough resistance

- Adapts perfectly to your silhouette

- Soft and comfortable texture

- Shaping effect for a flat stomach

- Tested and approved by hundreds of satisfied customers

No more worries about breaking your tights before a party or a date, you can trust our tights, you won't be disappointed!